Bronze & Sterling Silver Brooch Pins
Beautifully Hand-forged by Celtic Swan Forge. Each brooch is sturdy and uniquely made. An artistic touch to that beautifully knitted shawl you worked so hard on!
[approx. 1.75” x 1.75”]

 Bronze - (light weight)

 Sterling Silver - (light weight)


(Since these are hand-made, there may be a delay in shipping.)


Abalone Sweater Brooches:
Fastener is a three inch long ebony knitty needle with a matte finish sterling silver ball-end.
Circular Brooch:
available in natural. $51.00


Silver Pin:
Pin consists of two sterling silver needles with actual knitted piece in silver metallic yarn. 2 1/2” wide, hand-made in the U.S. - $41.00


Sterling Silver Stitch Holder Pin
Holds an assortment of 20 differently-shaped fully functional stitch markers in sterling silver and gold tones. (Truly beautiful!) - $58.00


Miniature Sock Stretchers
These replicas can be hung on your Christmas Tree or adorned about your neck! Hand-carved in pear wood (by an Armenian woman), it comes with it’s own eye-hook on one end.

(Measures - 3 1/2” long.)

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